Monday, August 6, 2012

Moog Ladder Filter Mug

What makes the Moog filter sound special has been the subject of many academic studies and much speculation. The filter can certainly be overdriven in a musically pleasing way, as all the transistor stages clip gradually. But it is also that famous 24 dB per octave filter slope resonant sound that is central to the essence of the Moog sound! The way that you can crank the resonance without losing too much of the low end and sweep the cutoff and hear those beautiful “transitor-y” harmonic peaks. When Jason Gross, interviewing Moog for Perfect Sound Forever in March, 1997, asked him to name his proudest creation related to synthesizers, Bob made the most humble of comments:
“I’m well-known for the lowpass filter that is the basis of ‘the Moog Sound.’ It’s a simple circuit, but it works really well.”

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